Created after the NAD experience and know how developing seats and cases for the top motorcycle brands as BMW, Honda, etc. SHAD has nearly 30 years of growth to their name.

ENGINEERED FOR RIDING comes to be the attitude and drive to innovate, becoming the most design awarded brand of motorcycle cases. SHAD cases and products hold numerous awards for their one-of-a-kind technical concepts.

SHAD is now distributed to almost every country in the world thanks to accomplishing the dream of manufacturing accessories to solve the motorcycle rider’s every need and providing unique storage solutions for when on the go.

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The only aluminium cases with integrated double locking system!

SHAD launches four new cases designed, engineered and manufactured 100% in Barcelona, with different capacities and made of forged aluminium alloy, a versatile, lightweight, and highly resistant aluminium type. Whether asphalt or dirt, you will be ready to explore any terrain with the maximum capacity, comfort and safety for your gear.

One of the most innovative points of TERRA cases lies in its patented integrated double locking system. Easy and quick installation of the case to its specific fixation and, on the other hand, allows you to open and close the case.

The new TERRA aluminium cases are designed to be your best ally on any trip, to have fun exploring with your bike. In short, to put yourself in adventure mode.

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