3 models, endless possibilities


U-COM2 | driver-passenger and motorbike-motorbike up to 600m
U-COM4 | group communication with up to 4 devices up to 1km
U-COM16 | group communication with Mesh technology, up to 24 devices and 1.4km  the thinnest around on the market 

An innovative super slim design that allows them to hide perfectly with your helmet to minimise clutter and high audio performance to let you listen to all your favourite music, radio and GPS indications in the highest quality.

The battery is equipped with great performance in terms of duration and separated, to allow you to replace it and not interrupt your journey.

Pairing with motorcycle intercoms from other brands will no longer be a problem. In addition to the quick connection with SENA, given by the sharing of the communication protocol, you can quickly connect with each rider. With Unite it will be possible to create a real community without limitations.  The pairing is quick and intuitive.

To improve your user experience we have created an intuitive dedicated app for the new UNITE motorcycle intercoms that will allow you to customise yours to the maximum and manage your Interphone quickly and easily.

The UNITE Range





How To Install Your Unite 

How To Pair Your Unite

Multi-Brand Pairing with Unite

How U-com16 Mesh 2.0 works