NEXO SPORTS Motorcycle Gear is a proudly South African brand, which aims to bring the riders affordable protection without compromising any safety. NEXO SPORTS does not take any shortcuts when developing its products.

Each product under NEXO is thoughtfully, carefully and precisely constructed to maximise protection, comfort and style, while still achieving to minimise the cost.

NEXO SPORTS already has a wide range of products, namely: road jackets, road pants, adventure jackets, adventure pants, as well as gloves and boots. As the NEXO brand expands, its ranges will too, to insure its intention of being a brand that caters to all riding disciplines.

NEXO is for everyone. NEXO jackets come in a wide range of sizes, with each size being slightly customisable. By means of multiple volume adjusters, each jacket can be tailored to fit. The volume adjusters are strategically placed in key areas all around the jackets, to insure each rider is given a unique and comfortable fit.

NEXO’s jacket ranges also include women specific jackets. These jackets are designed to offer an optimised women’s fit, as well also being customisable by means of the volume adjusters.