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About Langston Motorsports

The Langston Racing Warehouse in South Africa is located a stones throw from the world famous Kyalami F1 circuit. The South African dealership started back in 1999 purely by chance. Gerald Langston was in Europe helping his son Grant to break into the Grand Prix scene. He started to receive emails from friends back home in South Africa to find hard-to-get Motocross parts and send them back to South Africa. After being stopped at Johannesburg International Airport overladen with motocross “Gifts” the time had come to turn this demand into a business. 

Gerald approached Hans de Beer (Coincidentally both were former aircraft technicians) with the idea of having Hans run & operate the South African side of the business. As with most small businesses the first year was spent operating from Hans’s garage. As the business exceeded the capacity of the garage and expanded into the sanctity of their master bedroom Hans’s wife had given her husband an ultimatum to either open up in a commercial warehouse or suffer the consequences.

At this point Langston Racing Imports was born into a closed corporation with a rented warehouse in the Midrand area. Within a year the business had out-grown that facility as well and at the same time Grant came in as a partner. With the business doing as well as it was, it was decided the next move would be into building owned by the company. So in the later part of 2001, the business was relocated into the current building as shown up above. Five years later this building has also become too small and the decision has been made to search for commercial land and build a building to match the steady growth the company has enjoyed since its inception.

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